Highland Tea is geared to provide you the best of the Pearl of Africa. Our Tea comes from handpicked selection of Tea Estates in the Highlands of western Uganda and are packed and value added under the supervision of experienced team of Tea professionals to ensure that you get the very Best of Ugandan Tea.
Bringing you the best of Ugandan Tea is our business and we are very serious about it.


Black tea is an esteemed classic throughout the world. Because of the fermentation process, 
Highland  tea is richer in color, more penetrating in flavor and provides a truly delightful sipping experience.


Get the true taste of Black Tea

By following a few guidelines you can enjoy black teas to their fullest and appreciate all the subtleties and nuances they have to offer. 


Discover our convenient 10g sachet

Our 10 grams sachet provides the price and convenience of sachets to consumers. Single-use sachets make Highland Tea affordable to people on low incomes. They provide consumers with the option to buy small quantities of quality products when they need them 


Highland Tea is available in all Supermarkets and shops near you

For distribution Contact: Agricultural Stores (U) Ltd.  (M/s E.M. Baharaganah & Sons) 
on Tel: +256 414 663584,  Plot 288, Kabwohe.    P.O. Box 392 Bushenyi.

or Warehouse 67, Tirupati Business Park - Kampala.   Tel: +256 714 226 868